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Jjak Promotion image, Fair Use Iamge

Dating, Reality, and Suicide

There are so many suicide stories in Korea, a country whose suicide rate is the world’s highest. But this particular one is a real eye-opener, a bizarre, … [Read More]

Stella's latest music Video cover image, Fair Use Image

[Part2] Ban on Sexy Dance; Abysmal Singing Skills, ‘Pimping’ Agencies

Stella's latest music video embedded below was labeled '19 Guem' (not for kids under age 19). Not at all surprising decision by network TV. Some users have … [Read More]

AOA's signature 'zipper' dance routine from the group's promotion video. The group cannot perform this routine on network TV shows. Fair Use image

[Part1] Ban on the Three Most Sexual Dance Routines, Prude Viewers Alert!

Are idol group’s performance too indecent? Or viewers too prudish? Girl group’s some sexy dance routines have been banned by the Korean network TV. The … [Read More]


K-pop Idol Pecking Order? Who Calls Whom ‘Hyung?’ Exo and Shinee Case Study

Welcome to the crazy world where age changes everything! Here goes our decoding on a complicated situation created by age differences between K-pop … [Read More]

Poster Image of the Huntresses, Fair Use Image

Feb 5: Ha Ji-Won’s Career Mistakes, Gain and Hyori, Clara Out and More

Feb 5's Double Ds(Daily Decoding)-K-pop Decoder's News Digest- is here. Winner and Losers of the days Very sadly, K-pop's beloved actress, Ha Ji-won … [Read More]